Gundog Camp, Hajdúszoboszló

Vince and Artur on training

We participated in the Gundog Camp organized by kennel Erdőskerti. Not only Vince took part in the camp
 from our first litter, but Artur, as well. We learnt a lot again, and can't wait for the next camp :)



Elbow results

Finally we got our Vince's elbow results too.


The scans was judged by the Hungarian Pet Orthopedy Association (MKOE).



Hip results from the UK

Today we got our co-owned Vince's (Brave Benjie Z lestnych Ostepow & Erdőskerti Irma) -
he is from our first litter- hip scores from the BVA, and they are SUPER!!!

HD: 3:3

The radiography was made at his age of 4!!! It is almost unbelievable that he got such an excellent result at his age!

We couldn't be more happier that one of our own-bred-dog has such a perfect health result. :-)

Nothing matters more than their health for us :)



Training at Sóskút

We were on a training at Sóskút with Vince (Brave Benjie Z lestnych Ostepow & Erdőskerti Irma)
 where Eszter Kádár shot amazing photos in the beautiful autumn nature.

More pictures can be found in Vince's Galery.

Thank you Eszter for the wonderful pics :-)



National Dogshow Mátészalka

Edenfyl Drama Queen "Emma" (Kiss me Licia de Ria Vela & Dewmist Sandoliano) got Exc. 1.,CAC title in intermediate class.

Judge: Levente Miklós

Grooming: Mariann Jerga (kennel Edenfyl)

Handling: Zsanett Szatmári (kennel Rabbit-hunter)

Thank you to both of you!



International Show Debrecen

On the first day Edenfyl Drama Queen "Emma" (Dewmist Sandoliano & Kiss me Licia de Ria Vela)
won Exc.1., CAC, and res.CACIB from intermediate class!!!

judge: Morag Conolly (IR)

On the second day of the show Emma won the intermediate class again with Exc.1, CAC,
and then gained CACIB title at only 18 months old!!!

judge: Carol Wright (AUS)

It was only a months ago that she gained her first CAC and now we have our first CACIB title :-D

Special thanks to Zsanett Szatmári (kennel Rabbit-hunter) for grooming, and handling Emma!




Janka and Sando (Erdőskerti Irma & Dewmist Sandoliano) puppies are born!!!

Janka gave birth to 3 girls and a boy on Thursday.



Debrecen National Night Show

Edenfyl Drama Queen "Emma" (Dewmist Sandoliano & Kiss me Licia de Ria Vela) got Exc. 1. and CAC in intermediate class!!!

This is her first CAC title. I'm so proud of her! :-)

Judge: Vladimir Piskay (SK)

Emma was groomed by Zsanett Szatmári (kennel Rabbit-hunter)



The ultrasound examinatioin confirmed, that puppies are arriving at the end of July.

Our reservation list is open!
Inquiries are welcome!



Szeged CAC

Edenfyl Drama Queen "Emma" got Exc.2. with an excellent critique in Young
class at National Show in Szeged

Grooming: Zsanett Szatmári

Judge: Judit Szilágyi Dr.



Working Test - Püspökladány

Golden Rainbow Arnold "Vince"
E class - shared 5th with Very good.

Golden Rainbow Artur "Artúr"
E class - shared 5th with Very good.



Health results of Emma

We've got today Edenfyl Drama Queen "Eamma's" health check results:

HD - 4:3, ED- 0/0 (MKOE)


Szilvásvárad - HRK Clubshow

Golden Rainbow Arnold "Vince"
In open class, from a very strong competition he's got Excellent.

Handling: Erdős László Grooming: Keresztesi Szilvia
Thank to you both.

Judge: George Hennessy (Ritzilyn kennel)

Edenfyl Drama Queen „Emma” in junior females class got a very nice judgement
and Excellent in a very huge class of 16 bitches.

Grooming: Szatmári Zsanett

Judge: Lynne Hennessy (Ritzilyn kennel)

Working Test - Gyömr

Golden Rainbow Arnold „Vince”
E clacc 9th place Very Good

Golden Rainbow Artur „Artúr”
E class 7th place Very Good


Hunting dog camp - Hajdúszoboszló