The first puppies from Eddie have arrived in the kennel Mondi’s gold !!!!

3 boys and 3 girls were born ( unfortunately 2 girls died during the process :( )

This combination is really close to our heart!!!



Eurodogshow, Kortrijk, Belgium

judge: Mrs. Almey Sue (UK)

Headtheway’s Janis Joplin „Sabby” champion class exc2, resCAC, majd res CACIB

As the CACIB bitch was already Interchampion the CACIB title goes to Sabby :)



Another great achievement by Sabby!!!


We could not be more proud of her!

Many thanks to Laila for her hard work with Sabby!



European Dogshow – BRNO

Fantastic day, fantastic results and seeing Sabby again :)

We spent an absolutely perfect day in Brno, where the EDS took place this time. We were so excited to meet Sabby again after 2 years, since she left to Denmark.

From left to right: Luca, Sabby, Edward, Emma:

The dogs and handlers did a great jobs this day

Headtheway’s Just Like This „Luca” won a huge and strong open class with EXC 1, CAC,  and her litter sister Headtheway’s Janis Joplin „Sabby” was placed EXC3!!!

This was  just an incredible feeling to see the two sisters standing next to each other int he ring for the whole time J

On the left: Sabby, on the right: Luca

The happy moment cought by Magdalena Nemcova J

Headtheway’s Jimmy Jump  got EXCELLENT in a huge open class:

Edenfyl Drama Queen „Emma”  participated in a (let me say) amazing champion class including World Winner female, Crufts classwinner…etc. It was an honour to show her in a such quality class, where she got EXCELLENT.



Zenta CAC – Serbia

Headtheway's Jane Austen – Lola,open class Excellent 1, CAC


Hungarian GRC Clubshow - Fehérvárcsurgó

judges:  Mrs Paula Edwards (Lovehayne kennel) és Mrs Liz Keene (Shinehill kennel)

This was a truly amazing day with amazing dogs, judges and good friends.

Headtheway’s Just Like This „Luca” won a strong open class with EXC1, CAC  under  Mrs Keene’s judgement:

Very well balanced with good overall construction. Straight front,level topline, moved and covered the ground with ease.
Well shown and handled in excellent condition. Strong hindquarters. Excellent”

Edenfyl Drama Queen champion class Exc3.:

Headtheway’s Jimmy Jump „Edward” open class Excellent:

Golden Rainbow Arnold „Vince” champion class excellent:




BISE - Dog Show - Békéscsaba 

Judge: Sándor Szabó (HU)

Headtheway's Jane Austen - Lola – became the best female in Békéscsaba  in the intermediate category.



Fantastic Health results!!!

We got the health test results from the MKOE back for Headtheway’s Jane Austen „Lola” :


ED: 0/0

OCD: 0/0

All perfect :)

Owner: Anita Baudermann


Tolstrup, Denmark

Judge: Mrs Liz Keene (kennel Shinehill)

Headtheway’s Janis Joplin „Sabby” won the champion class with CAC then she became the Best Bitch and BOS!!!

Sabby’s critique by Mrs Keene :

"Really like the outline on this mid golden girl, totally feminine trough out, Excell in front and rear angels, really good bone and tight get, lovely head with truly golden expression, super topline and tailset, moved effortless and with drive"



Only one week after the her second birthday Sabby won again the open class, CAC and BOS. With this title she became DANISH CHAMPION!!!

We are over the moon!!!

Owner: Laila Ager :)



Debrecen CACIB - Nightshow

Judge: Sinisa Pavlovic (SRB)


Headtheway Jimmy Jump „Edward” open class EXCELLENT 1, CAC, resCACIB:


Edenfyl Drama Queen „Emma” champion class CAC:

Headtheway’s Jane Austen open class Exc2, resCAC:



Hedensted, Danish Clubshow

judge: Helen Almey (UK)

Sabby did it again!

 Headtheway’s Janis Joplin „Sabby”  won open class with Club CAC, then Best Bitch and Best of Breed and BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!!

Incredible results from such a young bitch!!!



Planned litter for September 2014!

We proudly and happily present our planned litter fot this September. We are super excited and looking forward to the ultrasound soon to confirm our believes!

Our Emma (Dewmist Sandoliano&Kiss me Licia de Ria Vela) has been mated to a wonderful Spanish gentleman Mauricio(Ritzlyn Rick O’Shay&Heart of Eternity de Ria Vela)

We hope for the best!!!
Many thanks to Leandro and Judith for their help!!!


Gyula National Dogshow

Headtheway’s Jane Austen „Lola”  open class   Exc2, resCAC .

 Judge: Sinisa Pavlovic (SRB)

Congratulations Anita!

2xCACIB Vejen, Denmark - Crufts qualification

First day:

Headtheway’s Janis Joplin „Sabby” open class CAC, CACIB és BOS!!!!
We were
  already very proud of her :)
The BOB was Laila’s dog, Hugo :)

Judge: P.Beyersdorf (D)

Second day:

Sabby didi t again!!! From open class she gained CAC, CACIB aaaaand finally BOB out of 63 entered golden!!! With this result Sabby got 2015 Cruft’s qualification!!!!

Hugo became this day BOS J Winning couple! :)J
We are really over the moon!!! Many congratulations Laila! You did an awesome job with Sabby!
Judge: Connie Svane (Denmark)
Owner: Laila Ager (kennel Skylock, Denmark)




GRK Retriever Speciality Show

We had a lovely day at the Hungarian Retriever Speciality Show J

We brought four dogs for this show.

Judge: Silvana Vuckovic (SRB)

Headtheway’s Just Like This „Luca” won intermediate class with CC:

Headtheway’s Jimmy Jump „Edward”  got intermediate class  res CC:

Edenfyl Drama Queen „Emma” at her very first champion class presentation got resCC after the bitch who later won also Best in Show:

Golden Rainbow Arnold „Vince” champion class Excellent 3.:

Komárom CACIB

We had a super day at the first day of the Komárom 3xCACIB!!!

Webrought 3 of our dogs, and gained fantastic titles, we are soooo proud of them J

This was the first show where our dogs had been groomed by ourselves J

Judge: Erdős László

Headtheway’s Just Like This „Luca” intermediate class CC, Best Bitch, and Best Opposite Sex:

Headtheway’s Jimmy Jump „Edward” intermediate class  CC :

Golden Rainbow Arnold „Vince” champion class resCC:


Mol CAC , Serbia

Progeny News

Our little light pink girl from our latest litter won CAC in intermadiate class and then BOB J

We are super proud of you ! J

Judge: Karlo Bala (SRB)

Owner: Anita Baudermann

Groomed by Borbála Kerti (Non-Stop kennel)



Retriever Ability and temperament test

Today we participated in the retriever ability and temperament test with Luca, who successfully passed the exam and got her breeding certificate J

We are very happy :)

Golden Retriever Clubshow - Vonge, Denmark

Headtheway's Janis Joplin 'Sabby' our Denmark immigrated little purple girl became Exc. 2 in a huge open class

Judge: Jo Naylor
Owner: Laila Ager, Kennel Skylock (Denmark)


National CAC show - Békéscsaba

Our 'little' light pink girl Headtheway's Jane Austen "Lola" ( Bonett Bride Caffe Macchiato &Edenfyl Drama Queen)
at her very first show (both for her and her owner) won Exc 1., CAC, in intermediate class with a very nice judgement.

Judge: Vilmos Kardos (HU)
Owner: Anita Baudermann

Salgótarján CAC
(Judge: László Erdős)

Edward's first show in intermediate class: Excellent 1. CAC!


Health results of Edward and Luca have arrived.
We are very happy with the results:



ED: 0/0 (MKOE)

OCD: 0/0 (MKOE)

PRA1 & PRA2 free

ICT: carrier


HD: 5:4 BVA

ED:0/0 (MKOE)

OCD: 0/0 (MKOE)

PRA1 & PRA2 free

ICT: affected



2014.02.15-16 FEHOVA Winterdogshow

Fantastic results with Emma and Luca:


Headtheway’s Just Like This „Luca” - intermediate class - CAC

Edenfyl Drama Queen „Emma” - open class -  CAC, CACIB

Judge: Attila Czeglédi


Headtheway’s Just Like This „Luca” - intermediate class - CAC, res CACIB

Edenfyl Drama Queen „Emma” - open class - CAC, CACIB, BOS

judge: Judit Beke


with this results Emma become Hungarian Show Champion!
We are so proud of her! :)