Well, things not always go as we plan, however this time we were so lucky. Emma has been finally mated to handsome Dasty.
This was a great pleasure for us that we could use Dasty in our breeding, as well.

We can’t thank enough to Paloma and Antonio for their kind help :)

The pedigree of the litter: http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=644977

If you are interested in this combination, please contact us for further information.

For more info:
Dorottya Drén


Further pictures of the parents:

Emma:                                                                                Dasty:









Grand fathers:


ICH Dewmist Sandoliano                                                                      Eng Sh Ch Ritzilyn Brandon JW

Grand mothers:


  Kiss me Licia de Ria Vela                                                                     Eng Sh Ch Pearlbarn Periwinkle for Ritzilyn

Great grand fathers:


ICH WW’01, EW’99 and ’02 Paudell Pure Passion                          Eng. Ch. Ritzilyn Cockney Robin JW, SGWC


Ch Fab Four Sullivan                                                                           Eng.Sh.Ch Perrimay Hugo Of Fenwood

Great grandmothers:


Ch Timanfaya de Ria Vela                                                               Eng. SH. CH. Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny


Vice-WW’08 CH Dewmist Sandarella                                                  Stanroph Sandancer for Pearlbarn