Headtheway golden retriever kennel

About us

I have been in love with tha nature and animals in my whole my life. I had some dogs in my childhood, but after a sad accident I had to wait too long for my next dog. So I had enough time to choose the breed of my life. It was golden retriever.

Finally I got my first golden retriever in the summer of 2005. Her callname is Janka.. Janka is a true golden retriever both in type and temperament. She absolutely represents the breed I’ve been dreaming of before. She was the cutest, the most lovable dog I’ve ever seen till then, not to mention that she is so beautiful.

The beginning

So I guess that this decision determined the rest of my life, as well. She fascinated everybody who steps into our garden. She is carrying and fetching very different kind of things to our guests, from clothes to stickers J As she was my first golden, I did not really know how a real golden should be handled and kept, until I went to a Gundog Camp (especially for golden retrievers) that was organized by the breeders of Janka (Mrs. Katalin Erdős and Mr. László Erdős, kennel Erdőskerti). At this time Janka became 3 years old, so it was a little late, but not too late! J Since then I have been learning the real nature of this breed. I was amazed by the passion she worked. She is truly keen on retrieveing. As she fascinated many of my friends, I was asked many times to undertake a litter from her. We gained everything that is needed to breed with a dog. (health certificates, tests, exams, etc.) We choosed Benjie (please find in puppies’ page) an amazing dog both in working- and showing field and finally she gave birth to 7 puppies in July, 2007. I made everything to make the new owners (my friends) just as addicted to this breed as I am, and my tries succeded pretty well.

My friend, Szandra choosed the biggest, the most waggish and the most tricky little boy. She gave him the name Vince. Altough he was always the first who looked for new adventures he was the first, as well who climbed to my lap and stayed for a while for some petting. I really loved this puppy. As he was growing up I admired not only his temperament, but also his outlook day by day. I managed to convince her to bring him to one of these gundog camps.

Create our little kennel

It was a great pleasure for us to see how Vince enjoys retrieving. Since then, I am not the only one who is addicted to this breed and to everything that this breed really means. Since then I’ve had one of my best friends with me even in the shows and trainings. So we finally decided to create our little kennel.

In the spring of 2010, after a very conciuos searching Emma (Edenfyl Drama Queen) joined us. It was really hard to choose from the puppies as they both were beautiful, and had no big differences in their temperament. But every time we were there Emma was who really touched our heart.

Altough she is a real golden too, but I could realize another type of goldens with her. She is very fast, tireless, and is always there where I am.

She pays attention to every little thing I do, no matter what it is. She is very biddable and also enjoys working. She is playing all the time. She is growing very nice, we love her look very much.

Thank you

We must say thank you to all of you, who made us possible to have this lifestyle.

First of all, we must say thank you to our families for their patience and time.

We would like to say thank you for Mrs. Katalin Erdős and Mr. László Erdős (kennel Erdőskerti) for our first and amazing golden, for their kind firendship, and also for the passion and life we got with these dogs.

At last, but not least many thanks to Lajos Szabó and his dog, Boni for their big help with Emma, and to Mariann Jerga (kennel Edenfyl) for Emma, our great future hope..